OrgMent Talent Solutions uses its unique understanding of business culture and staff engagement to match the right candidates with the right businesses. The company was established to provide a real alternative for employers and job seekers alike to ensure the best possible match between the two.

Our experience, knowledge and range of value-add services provide benefits to our clients that other recruitment agencies are simply not able to offer:

1) “De-risking” Staff Acquisition

The cost of making a bad hire is well known, so using proven, practical methods to maximise the chances of getting it right increases employer confidence and improves staff retention rates.

2) A More Efficient Recruitment Process

Our customers don’t receive a bunch of resumes that simply don’t fit the bill, instead we submit only those candidates whom we believe are a genuinely good fit for the role. This means that employers do not need to waste time trawling through unsuitable candidates, they can be safe in the knowledge that we have done the hard yards for them up front to ensure they only receive a worthy short-list.

3) Enhanced Recruitment Skills

Not only do we provide suitable candidates for our customers, we also provide them with the tools necessary to ensure that they can select the best possible person for the role. This is achieved through one or more of the following optional offerings:

  • Position Description Construction
  • Business Culture Assessment
  • Role Profiling
  • Candidate Personality Profiling
  • Cognitive Skills Assessment
  • Recruitment/Interview Skills Training

Equally, we want to ensure that the candidates we submit provide the best, most genuine version of themselves and so we offer the following services to job seekers to maximise their chances of being selected:

  • Resume Advice and Tailoring
  • Cover Letter Support
  • Interview Skills Preparation
  • Interview Skills Training


  • Brilliant businesses with exceptional staff.


  • Empowering businesses to select the best cultural fit.


  • Genuine desire to understand our clients’ needs
  • We honour our commitments
  • We offer a comprehensive solution
  • We care about long-term outcomes