Ian Ash – Managing Director

Ian Ash has been involved with the recruitment and engagement of staff for over thirty years. Having conducted well over a thousand interviews and been involved with organisational development as both a company executive and business specialist, he knows the importance of understanding a company’s culture and how to identify candidates that best fit this. He is the architect of a unique interview model that maximises both the effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process. Ian is also Managing Director of OrgMent Business Solutions, a business advisory company that focuses on business strategy as well as all aspects of staff engagement, retention and development.

Ian Ash

Melissa Karakasidis – Permanent Recruitment Consultant

Melissa Karakasidis has extensive experience and expertise in permanent recruitment consultancy and has combined this with her ability to understand corporate culture to successfully match the right candidates to the right roles. With an innate ability to understand workforce requirements across a wide range of different industries and businesses; Melissa’s consultative approach with both clients and candidates has successfully led to the placement of over two hundred permanent employees.

Melissa Karakasidis